The Problem

Lost revenue, inefficient staff operations and poor guest experiences

Service is the most complained about part of dining out

Zagat did a survey asking "what irritates you the most about dining out?" and the quality of table service was found to be the largest issue.

Guest initiated service calls are frustrating to the guests

When guests try to initiate service calls over 50% of the time they are unable to hail a server in a timely manner.

Guests want to order at unpredictable times in their stay

Guests do not always know what they want right away, nor do they know when your staff stops by. Visiting tables that are not ready to order is a wasted trip.

End of visit is a frustrating waste of time

Guests can't leave without a server to cash them out, generate a bill and a take their payment, they have to sit, again frustrated, until they are allowed to leave. This is compounded during busy times, as your servers are hard pressed to visit every table in a timely manner.

Staffing cost and turn over

You cannot afford to solve the service problem by throwing more staff at it. Not only is it too expensive, it's ineffective. Constantly changing staff mean loss of customer knowledge that reduces service levels and erodes customer loyalty.

Impersonal tablets and poorly thought-out app solutions

Tablets are expensive to acquire, time consuming to manage, prone to damage and theft, require charging nightly, take up space on your tables and do not match any restaurant aesthetics. Also guest find them intrusive, dirty and impersonal.

There are also some mobile apps that try to solve payments but just compound the issue with too many steps for guests to do during the visit to use. Also guests do not want to install an app for each restaurant they visit.


of guest say service is the most irritating thing about dining out.