Made for improving all the essential moments of a guests service experience

Showcase your staff instead of technology

Ser.vi first creates a connection between your guests and your service staff. We then build every service interaction on top of that.

We show the staff name and photo of the server assigned to the guest table or bar zone.

  • Servers can take and change table sections
  • Ser.vi can auto assign servers to tables

Guests are surprised and delighted to see the name and photo of their server!

All service calls and orders are sent to the server and this is communicated to the guests so they understand that their server is serving them.

Guests are familiar with using their phones to connect to people, that is after all what phones are designed to do.


Get higher engagement with the app that is on every phone already

Ser.vi fits in your decor. There is no QR Code to scan, no app to install.

  • Super short domain relevant to service
  • Your business location auto suggested
  • Works with all Apple and Android phones
  • Guests connect in under 5 seconds

Simply the most effective way to engage guests


Guest engage ser.vi to connect with their server, because they want immediate service.

  • Customize the call item list for your location
  • Customize the call item list bar vs table or other service zones
  • Only receive calls from phones in the location
  • One click confirmation of calls
  • Guests can request multiple things at once
  • Guests get a confirmation of message delivery

Ser.vi manages guests expectations and makes your guests feel heard.

Let guest order when they want right from their table

Unleash the true demand of your guests with self ordering.

Full color menu

Beautiful images that inspire more orders

Categories and sub sections

Organize your menu the way you want

Easy to read and navigate

Great for dark dinning rooms and guest can zoom on any text

Item photographs

Provide your own, use our standard images or ser.vi can shoot all new photographs of your menu items

Item variant prices

Show a base price and an alternate price for items that come in two variants. For example, portion size, with and without fries or with one or two eggs

Multiple items per order

Get a complete order as your staff would take it

Manage Expectation of service times

Ser.vi will let guest know about the wait time before they place the order.

Ser.vi will import your menu at no cost.
A limited time offer.

The simple solution to turning tables, knowledge.

Turning a table is crucial for your business, and equally important to a guest that is done with their visit.

Now your staff can know when the guest is ready for their bill.

Without requiring payment to use ser.vi guest love to use bill requests with tip and bill split.

  • Instantly know when a table is ready to leave
  • Know the Payment method
  • Customize Payment methods per your location
  • Know the number of ways to split the bill
  • Take payment as you would traditionally

More then just a bill request.

Not only do you turn tables faster, but you save time going back and forth to the table when doing it.