In a nutshell, makes every guest interaction more cost effective.

  • Assign more tables per server means knowing when your guests want service regardless of where your servers are in the dinning room.

  • Increase Order Value

    Guests order more drinks and starters with self service then with traditional table service.

  • Reduce Order Errors

    Guests tell you exactly what they want, without the problems of accents, noise, mishearing or short attention spans.

  • Turn Tables Faster

    Guests request the bill when their visit is over 10 minutes faster than traditional service during busy times.

  • Improve Review Scores

    Faster service, more attention, fewer errors, quick and painless bill experience means your great food and personal service have more impact and result in better reviews and rating scores.

  • Eliminate Chargebacks

    Guests who pay with use CVC and zip code to verify their presence and already received the goods purchased.

  • Engage your guests

    Leverage your guests own phones to interact with your brand and your servers to build a deeper relationship with your guest.

  • Loyalty Program keeps track of the guests visits automatically and communicates when rewards are earned to drive shorter repeat visit cycles.

  • Marketing program guests can opt in to your email campaign. also will remind guests to visit their favorite restaurants and promote your special deals in regular newsletters.

  • Collect Feedback provides instant and after visit feedback collection. Find out what went well and what did not go well with your guests.

  • Make your guests happier

    Guests love Nothing says you care more then listening to them and giving them what they want when they want it. is made by restaurant guests for restaurant guests. Give your guests and let them give you more of their business.